Paleo Buffet

Includes tablecloth, china plates, cutlery, & napkins.


Choose 3 options:

-Carved ham served with mustard

-Carved roast beef  served with horseradish

-Carved roast lamb 

-Smoked chicken or Roast chicken

-Baked salmon with Tuscan seasoning 

-Prawns in thousand island dressing


Garden salad- mesclun salad leaves, cucumber & sprouts with vinaigrette


Choose 4:

Greek -tomato, olive & basil

Beetroot - orange, red onion, pistachio & Italian parsley

Potato & egg -celery & spring onion  

Coleslaw -cabbage, carrot & snow pea

Broccoli -craisins, almonds & red onion

Cauliflower -pumpkin, spicy chickpeas, cumin, spinach

Legume -chickpea, lentil, radish & cucumber

Roasted root vegetables  -pesto dressing (can be served hot on the hot menu option).

Most items can be made gluten-free on request or ask us about our other allergy & preference options.



A minimum of 15 guests is required to book this menu. 


$35 per person for the cold buffet.

$45 per person to have hot meat options.


All prices include GST.