WELCOME!!! I’m Amy, the founder of Good Food Kitchen. I’ve combined my love of food, my background in fine arts and my passion for making sure people with allergies or preferences don’t miss out to create this catering company.

I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease about 7 years ago. Although products have come a long way in this time & many more restaurants are offering allergy & preference friendly foods, I’ve often been sick or left hungry. I have been to places with gluten free options all over the menu, only to be served salad with croutons or normal toast comes out with my meal. I’m always a little nervous eating out as many chefs just don’t get it. I’ve also been left starving at events/weddings where the chef's idea of catering gluten free was a rice crackers. Allergy friendly food doesn’t have to be boring!!!!

I’m wanting to change this and give you and your guests peace of mind at your next event. Whether coeliac, vegan or another specialised diet, I want to make sure you get real options you are happy with! Our well thought out menus cover a range of preferences. Your unexpecting guests won't even realise they are eating tummy-friendly foods because of our well-developed recipes. 

I have applied to the New Zealand Coeliac Society's Dining out program, to prove to you all we hold the highest of standards. Meaning there will be no cross contamination in our kitchen. Not just with gluten-free products, all allergy or preference options are prepared separately with caution.

I have a love of all things creative, so keep an eye on what I’m up to. Especially on our Instagram account. Menus will most likely change often, as I am always experimenting. Hopefully, you feel like you are following an artist, not just a cook.


I had a gluten free blog for around 2-3 years while I was working overseas. I had the most time to play on a superyacht in France/Italy, where I feel I really had a chance to develop my own cooking style. I will be slowly adding many of the recipes I have created to this blog. 


I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead and where this journey takes me! Thanks for being a part of it.