Product feature: PHOENIX GF PANCAKES

Product feature: PHOENIX GF PANCAKES

I spent years trying to perfect my gluten free pancake recipe only to have my hard drive die losing the recipe (and many others). But I found a product that meant never needing to make from scratch again. 


Phoenix has been operating for 6 years in Auckland and has a huge range of gluten free products as well as mostly dairy free too. With Coeliacs in mind they only produce gluten free products in their bakery...meaning there is no chance of cross contamination!!! The pikelet/pancake mix is really easy to make, you just need to add a milk option (I use almond) & add an egg. Mix, let it rest while you heat your pan & cook. So simple.



On Sundays I have a tradition of making pancakes or pikelets if I'm not working.  Sometimes I like to add a Misty Day Plant Potion in, mostly for colour (I'm a sucker for colourful, playful food) but also to get in a few more nutrients. They are described on the website as "Tonic herbs are herbs that are traditionally used to rejuvenate and regenerate the body, mind and spirit. They are used to fortify the body and spirit against difficult and stressful conditions. Taken regularly tonic herbs support optimal energy, happy outlook, restful sleep and a calm spirit" & who wouldn't want all of that! 



I use to be a cream fanatic. I literally had it on everything as a child. But now that I don't tolerate dairy so well I've made a swap to coconut yogurt on my pancakes. It's delicious and leaves my tummy happy. You can add a little maple syrup in to make it a bit sweeter too. My favourite brand is Raglan Coconut Yogurt.

Now that pancakes just got that bit easier, make sure to start your own Sunday tradition.