Menu includes plates/cutlery/serviettes.

Pita bread & wraps -some gf if required

Mains: (Served hot)

Lamb koftes -pine nut, onion, mint , parsley & spices

Moroccan spiced chicken thighs & drumsticks

Falafels -chickpeas, garlic, parsley & spices (V)

Curried rice with orange infused quinoa, pistachio, date & mint  (VR)



Roasted eggplant & red pepper, lentils, tahini/yogurt sauce (VR)

Seasonal greens with beetroot, strawberry & almond (V)

Slaw- cabbage, carrot, red onion & mint (VR)

Greek -tomato, olive, feta & basil (VR)


Fried Halloumi platter

Labneh (VR)


Hummus (V)

Tzatziki  (VR)

Ajvar, roasted pepper and eggplant dip (V)


 Tasting plate for 2 featured


V= vegan

VR = vegan on request


COST: $34.50 + GST per person. Minimum numbers 15.

           $30 + GST per person. Minimum numbers 50.