Family Style buffet


Selection served to each guest table. Designed for larger events. 


Includes fresh bread selection with butter

Meat options, choose 2:

Moroccan chicken drumsticks (served hot)

Carved champagne ham served with mustard (served room temperature)

Carved beef scotch fillet with horseradish & roasted garlic sauce with micro greens (served room temperature)

Prawns in thousand island dressing (served cold)


Meat options, choose 1 option below or choose a 3rd option from the list above:

Roast lamb with mint sauce (served hot)

Baked salmon with tuscan seasoning & lemon (served room temperature)


Vegetarian/vegan guests will be individually served a portion of either:

Vegetable Frittata

Falafels with hummus



Garden salad; seasonal produce, greens & sprouts


Salad options, choose 2:

Greek salad; tomato, olive, feta, basil

Slaw; red & green cabbage, carrot, snow pea 

Roasted potato & root vegetables with quinoa in basil pesto

Beetroot with wild rice, lentil, herbs & salad leaves  

Rice & Quinoa pilaf; orange & lemon zest, date, mint & pistachio


Platters on each guest table; $47.50 + GST per person 


If there are less than 50 guests, Waiting Staff will be charged on top.

2 staff members are recommended for up to 50 guests

Min. 4 hours ($30 + GST per hour) per staff member + travel expenses


Silver service; $60 + GST per person