Hens high tea

A selection of sweet and savoury finger foods served with tea.



 Set up, tablecloth, serviettes


Club sandwiches

Select 3 


-Pulled chicken, herb, cream cheese & walnut

-Curried egg and cucumber

-Pulled salmon, lemon, creme fraiche & Tuscan seasoning

-Aged cheddar cheese & pickle 

-Ham & curried egg

-Smoked chicken, sprout and creme fraiche roll up

-Asparagus roll up


Savoury options

Please select 3


Cheese and herb scone with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Cheese and herb scone with brie cheese, relish & basil 


Vol au vents

-Mushroom Ragout

-Sweet corn, red pepper & cheese

-Smoked chicken in hollandaise


Sausage rolls

-Beef/pork with onion, courgette & herbs

-Pumpkin, chickpea & walnut


Blini with beetroot cured smoked salmon, cream cheese, radish & dill 

Blini with brie cheese, balsamic dressing, honey & walnut 


Sweet options

Please select 4 


Mini apple pies 

Coconut & raspberry scones with butter,  jam & cream 

Baked lemon slice with whipped cream

Mini pavlova with whipped cream & season fruit 

Sweet cases filled with lemon curd, toasted marshmallow, calendula or seasonal fresh flowers

Sweet cases filled with chocolate ganache, whipped cream & berry

Sweet cases filled with vanilla custard, cream, in season fruit & passionfruit

Chocolate brownie 

Snowballs - scorched almond surrounded by shortbread 

Strawberries dipped in Toblerone chocolate

Strawberries dipped in white chocolate & pistachio


Serve with: Choose 1 option

-Floral tea cup and saucer with a selection of teas

-Blooming tea; tea leaf flower that opens as it brews

-Iced tea mocktails served in a punch bowl (Add your own spirit to make alcoholic)

-Champagne flutes with hibiscus flowers. (Provide your own wine)

The bubbles stream off and open the flower. You can eat the flower if desired, it has a delicious raspberry and rhubarb flavour.