Vegan Dinner Buffet

Bread selection with butter  


Choose 2 options:

-Falafels with beetroot hummus

Beetroot Hummus


Rice & Quinoa pilaf; orange, lemon zest, date, mint & pistachio


-Teriyaki eggplant   

Pickled cucumber ribbons

Brown rice with black and white sesame


-"Butter" cauliflower curry

Fried cabbage with coconut & Indian spices

Basmati & saffron rice


-Green Thai curry;

 broccoli, bamboo shots, carrots, potato, green beans, kaffir lime leaf

Jasmine & coconut rice


-Pulled jackfruit in Mexican spices

Fresh tomato/cucumber/red onion/pineapple salsa

Corn chips


-Lasagna; lentil bolognese, roasted peppers, pumpkin & courgette



Choose 2 options:

-Crispy chickpeas & crumbed cauliflower in cumin & turmeric

-Roasted multi coloured pepper platter

-Marinated mushrooms & Italian parsley 

-Roasted pumpkin, tahini sauce & walnuts

-Roasted root vegetables with basil pesto dressing



Garden salad- mesclun salad leaves, cucumber & sprouts with vinaigrette


Choose 3 options:

Coleslaw -cabbage, carrot & snow pea

Legume -chickpea, lentil, radish & cucumber

Greek -tomato, olive, vegan feta & basil

Beetroot -wild rice, lentil, pistachio, herbs & salad leaves  

Broccoli -craisins, almonds, red onion, creamy dressing

Pasta -sun dried tomato, olive, red onion & parsley

Orzo pasta -sweet corn, grilled zucchini, hazelnut & Italian parsley



A minimum of 15 guests is required to book this menu. 

$34 per person +GST